Why aren’t more businesses using the intelligent collaboration tools in Office 365?

Why aren’t more businesses using the intelligent collaboration tools in Office 365?

Published November 17, 2020

The use and implementation of intelligent, cloud-based document management, workflow and collaboration tools in Office 365 can enable businesses to become more productive, efficient, and effective.

Every business owner will undoubtedly want his or her business to be more productive and successful, so it begs the question, why isn’t every business owner using digital tools like cloud-based workflow that have been proven to make a business more effective?

Creatures of habit

If existing business technology works, then why change it? As creatures of habit we can be cautious of change, and reluctant to adopt new processes and procedures.

New business tools will often require an initial learning curve but can lead to productivity and efficiency improvements in the long term.

Lack of knowledge

It is easy to ignore the IT tools of the job. They just work reliably on most occasions.

Business technology tools and systems are widely used, and continuously developed and enhanced. Without knowledge and information relating to the latest tools then it is possible to get left behind with ageing and out-of-date software.

Keeping up-to-date and abreast of the tools and systems that are available can only help businesses in the long term. Not having this knowledge of the latest IT systems and services is all too common, meaning any potential business benefits are left on the table.

Migrations are a hassle

Let’s face it, even with all the benefits a migration to a document management server offers, the temptation of “not today” when knowing how much work might go into that process (especially when unsupported by an IT company), can often be all too strong. And that’s not even mentioning the training that would go into getting your staff used to the all new processes they’d have to go through (see “creatures of habit” above).

Why you still should use intelligent collaboration tools

A simple question for businesses to ask is ‘What are our challenges, issues or problems when doing business?’

Business technology and software tools can offer a myriad of solutions to all manner of business challenges and obstacles. So much can be done with technology, to the extent that many solutions already exist inside these tools that have been developed and refined by professionals for years. The business case for the amount of man hours saved and efficiency you’ll bring to your business is simply too strong to ignore.

But don’t do it without support

The barriers to intelligent collaboration in Office 365 exist for a reason, and any big change in the way you work can be daunting. So don’t try to rush into adopting these new tools without support. React have helped hundreds of SME’s perform migrations just like this one and extract the real business value from their IT systems. It’s the reason we’ve won awards, and the reason we’re different.

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Published November 17, 2020

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