What is DORA and why is it important

What is DORA and why is it important

Published June 6, 2024

In an time where digital technology underpins the global financial ecosystem, the European Union’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) emerges as a keystone regulation. It is designed to ensure that the financial sector’s infrastructure is robust enough to withstand cyber-attacks, technical glitches, and other digital operational disruptions. DORA is more than just another regulatory hoop to jump through; it is a strategic imperative for financial service companies and insurance resellers.

The Essence of DORA

At its core, DORA mandates a comprehensive framework for digital operational resilience, requiring financial entities to identify, classify, and mitigate cyber threats and operational vulnerabilities. This includes everything from rigorous testing of ICT (Information Communication Technology) systems to the establishment of dedicated incident reporting mechanisms.

Why DORA Matters

The significance of DORA cannot be overstated. In recent years, the financial services sector has seen an exponential increase in cyber-attacks and digital operational failures, leading to significant financial losses and eroding customer trust. DORA addresses these challenges head-on, setting a high standard for digital resilience that aims to safeguard the financial system at large.

Moreover, DORA is important because it:

  • Promotes uniformity in how digital risks are managed across the EU, ensuring a level playing field.
  • Enhances consumer protection by minimizing the impact of digital disruptions on services.
  • Encourages innovation by fostering a secure and resilient digital infrastructure that can support new technologies and services.

The Strategic Importance of Compliance

For financial service companies and insurance resellers, DORA compliance is not just a regulatory requirement but a strategic opportunity. It compels organisations to overhaul their digital practices, leading to improved operational efficiency and reliability. In doing so, it also opens the door to innovation, as a resilient digital foundation is crucial for adopting new technologies.

However, achieving compliance requires a thoughtful approach. Organisations must thoroughly assess their digital operations, identify gaps in their resilience strategies, and implement robust cybersecurity measures. It’s a complex process, but one that offers significant benefits, from enhanced customer trust to a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.


DORA represents a pivotal shift towards operational resilience in the financial sector. By embracing its principles, financial service companies and insurance resellers can not only meet regulatory expectations but also fortify their businesses against the ever-evolving landscape of digital risks. As we move forward, the importance of DORA will only grow, making it an indispensable part of the financial industry’s digital journey.

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Published June 6, 2024

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