What has document management got to do with branding?

What has document management got to do with branding?

Published January 28, 2021

With many workers and employees now working remotely due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the ability of employers to provide ease of access, and consistent, reliable document management has taken on new importance. How does Microsoft Office365 simplify this challenge?

Corporate branding

Corporate branding has become an important, if not an essential ingredient for developing and maintaining a successful business venture. Very simply, branding is about image, consistency, and attention to detail. Today, for any business that wants to develop and grow their business, a reliable brand image is a necessity.

Document creation

Across all industries and businesses, software tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are used daily by employees to create new documents: quotations, invoices, reports, letters, articles to name but a few. Invariably, in many cases, these documents will use different fonts, formats, layouts, spacing, etc.

So, how consistent and ‘on-brand’ are all these new documents and files. And even if they are not, does it make a difference anyway?

Office365 offers a solution

Microsoft Office365 operates differently than other file and document management systems. Office365 enables a managed and controlled document library to be created using pre-defined, prepared templates.

Document creation with Office365

New document creation can start with a specific, chosen branded template. Once a particular document template is selected, content can then be added as required and the document saved.

Online access to templates enables staff and business teams to easily create on-brand documents wherever they are, whether online in the office or offline while travelling.

Template management

If a branded template needs to be changed or updated then all future documents created with the newly, revised template will replicate all the changes made. Office365 enables simple, and easy to implement control for branded templates – such that all future document creation conforms.

Promotional and seasonal campaigns

Promotional and seasonal sales campaign can be actively supported with the use of specific branding features for the period of the campaign. All documents created during a campaign can promote a unique branding message – which can be easily managed and controlled.

A marketing perspective

A consistent and uniform brand image or brand message can be easily managed, and changed, updated as required. Branded corporate documents that leave the business can be controlled with branding strategies and guidelines maintained.

Branding and attention to detail

Businesses that are trying to do things better, that care about their image and brand will be keen to ensure consistent branding and attention to detail across all aspects of their business. If consistent branded documentation is taken care of it is one less thing to worry about during challenging times.

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Published January 28, 2021

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