How often is turning it off and on again a real solution?

How often is turning it off and on again a real solution?

Published November 2, 2021

We see this all the time on TV shows: someone having issues with their computer calls the IT department and is told to try turning it off and on again.

It’s become somewhat of a joke over the last few years, but how often does this solution work in real life?

A temporary fix or the right answer?

The short answer is that it isn’t always the most effective solution. When turning it off and on, the issue might be fixed in the short term. If the problem persists after a reboot, then it’s not a good fix.

If it does fix after restarting it, then that’s a perfectly valid solution. However, if this is something that you need to keep doing continuously, then the problem needs to be escalated and thoroughly investigated.

It could make things worse

At an event we attended an IT Manager told us how they resolved an issue of a slow machine by turning it on and off again, which is standard practice.

Shortly afterwards, other computers in the company started displaying the same behaviour, and although restarting each of those machines cured the problem, they felt there was an underlying issue.

Further investigation uncovered a virus across the network that was undetected by their AV software. This is why restarting the first computer did not help and why restarting all of the machines, although providing a fix, would have been a bad idea.

Align your IT services with your needs

So how do you know when a restart will fix the problem or when it’s not the best idea?

The answer is by aligning your IT services with your business needs through the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). In basic terms, ITIL is the globally accepted best practice approach for IT service management, and any company delivering IT services should follow it.

A clear methodology enables businesses to create a stable IT environment with a solid foundation that allows for change and growth in the future. By following this framework of procedures and processes, companies can demonstrate their compliance and identify areas of improvement.

Best practices are essential

There are times when a simple restart is an effective and simple solution, but you need to have the framework in place to understand it’s not always the most appropriate fix and further action is needed.

By implementing this best practice framework throughout a business, you can ensure you complete all the correct tests and checklists before any work is done on your IT systems – reducing the risk of an expensive mistake.

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Published November 2, 2021

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