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Technology frustrations

How technology frustrations can impact employee retention and morale

Poorly maintained IT can impact employee turnover as well as business efficiency. 

In the modern workplace information technology is a fact of life. We need technology to communicate, to manage and schedule workflows, to boost efficiency and productivity, and to carry out a whole range of tasks that would be impossible to achieve without specialist software.

Workplace research

But it is precisely because we rely on technology that we must ensure it is maintained, working properly and updated at regular intervals. Failure to do so, will not only impair the efficiency of your business, it will also have a negative impact on employee morale.

Just look at the some of the figures we have collated from various pieces of workplace research:

10% of workers have left a job because of technology frustrations 

40% of office workers say their aging workplace PC damages their efficiency

50% of employees said their biggest technology frustration at work is having too many emails and email downtime.

31% of workers said not being able to login remotely, or  not having proper access to files when working remotely, was their biggest tech headache

More than half of workers say too much time is spent on managing processes rather than conducting actual business at the workplace

High expectations

Employees today have high expectations of the technology they are given to work with. Many will have the latest gadgets and computers at home and will anticipate the same level of performance in the workplace.

This is particularly true of younger people – so called millennials – who have grown up with broadband, smartphones, laptops and social media being the norm and expect instant access to information. For these workers collaboration technologies, like video conferencing and mobile email access, are crucial to how they operate but many feel undermined by the technology they encounter at work.

Common IT problem

Common IT problems, such as crashes and data loss, also lead to frustrations while not being able to work flexibly and access work files remotely is another bugbear. In some cases, dissatisfaction over technology can become a major factor in people deciding to look for another job.

One alarming piece of research found that one in four office workers in the UK think purposely breaking their work computer or mobile, or trading it in at a store themselves, is the best way to get a new one. This is obviously an unacceptable situation, leaving companies at risk of losing both property and valuable data.

So when assessing the business case for upgrading technology, it is important consider not only the boost to efficiency but also to factor in the positive effect on employee morale it may have.

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