SharePoint – the perfect intranet solution for small businesses

SharePoint – the perfect intranet solution for small businesses

Published July 14, 2020

Why bother with an Intranet?

An intranet is a private computer network designed to provide collaborative tools to support your employees and facilitate communication. They can be tailored to an organisation’s specifications and objectives, meaning they can serve as many functions as you require including:

    1. Connect people throughout your organisation and keep everyone up to date on internal news and events
    2. Collaborate on and complete tasks even when members of your organisation are working remotely
    3. Measure and improve employee engagement
    4. Support your strategic business objectives

If you use Office 365 you have already have SharePoint, which is the foundation for your company Intranet.

Is SharePoint misunderstood?

Many regard SharePoint to be little more than a file sharing programme. It is even dismissed by some IT professionals as being simply “a Dropbox type of thing”. However, it is so much more than that.

In reality, it is a web-based document management platform which incorporates many different technologies under one name.

The main benefit is it is fully integrated into Microsoft 365 allowing companies to create a customised intranet using their existing systems at no additional cost. This also means that the interface will be familiar and easy to use as it is likely these systems are already being used in your business.

If set up and used correctly it can be a powerful tool to further your business objectives and provide corporate support. When used in this way, it functions as a mobile, intelligent intranet which can help support collaboration within your team, both on-site and working remotely.

SharePoint – the perfect intranet solution for small businesses

Office 365 and SharePoint’s capabilities as an intranet are often overlooked in favour of bespoke, tailored solutions that are available. However, used together Office 365 and SharePoint provide a cost effective, readily available, and easy to use intranet solution.

Office 365 is available across iOS and Android so you can share relevant information or resources through targeted news on the homepage to keep your employees up to date.

With SharePoint you will be able to share and collaborate on documents with your team and then properly organise them, so the right people have access to information when it is needed. SharePoint can also help to streamline processes so productivity can remain high, even if your team is working remotely.

Your employees will also be able to search SharePoint for documents, conversations, or expertise to quickly answer any questions they have. This will ensure your team feel supported and remain engaged and productive.

In short, SharePoint is a powerful tool to help organisations achieve their objectives.

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Published July 14, 2020

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