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Secure Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Secure Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Without proper disaster recovery procedures in place, damage caused by a disaster could cripple thriving businesses.

When was the last time you reviewed your off-site back up procedures? How quickly would your business be back up and running following a disastrous event such as fire, flood or theft? As data usage and storage continues to grow, backup and disaster recovery procedures should be reviewed at least annually to ensure they could cope.

“The most valuable part of an IT system is the data you keep on it.”

Secure data backup and recovery

We will provide you with a fully automated and secure off-site data backup and recovery solution, with ‘anytime recovery’ capabilities.

Automated offsite backup services provide a more reliable backup than traditional tape backups, storing your data in “the cloud”. If a particular backup fails to take place, we are automatically notified and fix it for you. We even copy and create backups of data held on individual PCs as part of the standard back up service we provide.

Disaster simulation

When it comes to backup and recovery the only way to be sure of success is regular testing.  Simulating a disaster scenario will enable you to determine the effectiveness of your disaster recovery planning and draw attention to any potential issues such as resource constraints and staff training requirements.

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Information security is too important to leave to chance.

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