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Our Partners

By working with a small number of carefully chosen suppliers we are able to develop specialist knowledge on the use and application of their products, and offer a comprehensive and expertise-driven level of service. Plus, for those rare situations that we need it, we also have access to our partners advanced technical support.

With these powerful tools at our disposal we can tailor an IT system to meet the needs of any business, streamlining workflow processes, automating administration and saving you time.


As a Silver Competency Microsoft Partner and Small Business Specialist we have demonstrable capability and expertise in helping you to get more business value from your IT systems, from day-to-day use of Microsoft Office to full cloud-based workflow solutions.


We chose to work with Fujitsu as they are big enough to develop innovative and reliable products, but small enough that we have direct access to all their support staff.  We also like the fact they have a long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, dating back to 1993 when they established their very first environmental program.


NETGEAR provides powerful and affordable networking, storage and security solutions that are easy to install and maintain. NETGEAR is an applicant member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, which is committed to supporting the rights and wellbeing of workers and communities worldwide affected by the global electronics supply chain.


Founded in 1988, F-Secure Corporation is a global anti-virus, cloud content and computer security company headquartered in Helsinki. They have very strong ethical principles and empower tens of millions of users around the world to use the internet invisibly, safe from online threats.


ZyXEL is a world-leading supplier of high quality and innovative networking products that also promote environmental sustainability. ZyXEL obtained the world’s first “ISO 14006 Environmental management systems – Guidelines for incorporating ecodesign,” and “ISO 50001–Energy management” certification for networking products.

Hewlett Packard

We are also an accredited partner of Hewlett Packard, which allows us to supply and support the full range and the exploit the full potential of their product range.


Founded in 2003, StorageCraft is a leading international provider of fast and reliable system and data recovery solutions. They describe their goal as helping to you to “back up fast and recover faster”. StorageCraft software is a valuable tool for reducing downtime and improving both the security and stability of systems and data.

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