OneDrive vs SharePoint

OneDrive vs SharePoint

Published April 27, 2022

Many organisations and companies are now taking advantage of the features in Microsoft 365 to store documents and manage documents. Applications like OneDrive and SharePoint allow team members to edit and share documents, making collaboration and remote working more efficient.

What some companies might not realise is that OneDrive and SharePoint have different functions and benefits. Whether you use either OneDrive or SharePoint as a resource should be led by the specific type of work you’re doing, as well as other factors like the size of your team.

This article will cover the key differences between OneDrive and SharePoint so you can choose the right application for your next project.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive’s overall design means it’s typically better for individual or personal use. It can be used in team environments, however, it doesn’t have as many functions as SharePoint that can make collaboration easier.

OneDrive stores and syncs all your files in the cloud with state-of-the-art privacy and security features. It’s possible to access these documents anywhere in the world on any device with your login details.

Your documents are entirely private unless you allow others access by sharing your files with them directly. OneDrive is handy for sharing singular documents with someone else or a small team, and it does allow people to work on the same Office document remotely.

OneDrive links with the Teams app to make collaboration on any document simple and effective.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft 365 application that is designated for collaboration and team working. It works by storing files, data and documents in the cloud and then allowing your team or organisation access through a permission management system. There’s also an option for it to be added to your Teams channel.

SharePoint makes it simple to share files across your team, organisation and even external partners. By using Microsoft 365 tools and settings, you’re able to adapt and manage access on team sites or channels and create further permission points for more sensitive data.

SharePoint also has additional features such as SharePoint News, which allows uploads and news to be featured on your Teams channel. There’s also a function where likes and a comment section can be added for further communication between employees.

One drive vs Sharepoint

OneDrive vs SharePoint: The Takeaway

OneDrive and SharePoint both have their own benefits for certain types of work. OneDrive is best for individual storage of documents or working with a small team on a single Office document.

SharePoint works better for larger organisations and teams that need to work collaboratively or manage a larger number of documents at any one time.

Microsoft do state that storing business critical, departmental and organisational data is not supported in OneDrive and recommend SharePoint as the best solution for more advanced content management and collaboration.

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Published April 27, 2022

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