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The hidden treasures within Office 365

Apparently 80% of Office 365 users make use of no more that 20% of its capability.

In short, this means that a great many businesses are failing to take advantage of the opportunities at their fingertips. In many cases, business go down the route of investing many thousands in Enterprise Software, when Microsoft’s Office 365 package (that they probably already use) could do the job just as well. 365 is packed full of powerful, untapped features that would be hugely beneficial to most small and medium sized businesses, if only they knew they were there and how to use them.

Unlock your digital work place with our Office 365 Business Support

Office 365 provides business value that goes way beyond the familiar Office suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. plus a bit of cloud storage. It is a state-of-the-art Enterprise IT environment, with the power to change the way businesses manage projects, collaborate, manage tasks and so much more.

And the great thing is, this is all within software that businesses already own! It’s almost as if they are almost stumbling around in the dark with their systems, when all they need to do is put the light on. Luckily, this is exactly what React can do… we have a detailed knowledge of Office 365 and can configure it to suit each individual business, unlocking productivity enhancements and time-saving features without the need invest in new and expensive Enterprise Software.


Office 365’s project collaboration feature makes it simple for multiple staff members to work on a document at the same time, such as tender proposals, project plans, and more, without tripping over multiple versions. Furthermore, collaboration tools such as Skype and Yammer encourage closer teamwork.

Project management

Planner is a user-friendly, and yet surprisingly powerful, project management system included in Office 365. Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organise and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress – all in a few easy steps.

Remote working

Office 365 is web based, so employees can literally work from anywhere where they have an Internet connection. It is fully mobile-enabled too. Skype is a well-known tool to support both audio and video on-line meetings, with full screen sharing functionality. You can even allow other people to control the screen, letting them quickly add input.

Document management

Keeping track of documents has never been easier. SharePoint has version control, meaning there is only ever one copy of a document, ideal for collaboration. The powerful document “tagging” functionality makes easy for your teams to retrieve the document they need, when they need them.

Build your own Apps

PowerApps allows your team to build custom applications to automate repetitive and time-consuming manual processes. If you understand the problem from a business perspective, then the solution can probably be built in PowerApps – without having to write code.

Automate workflows

Microsoft Flow supports the creation of automated routines to streamline time-consuming daily tasks. This is particularly suited to tasks that require verification or authorisation, such as holiday requests or expenses.

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