Goodbye paper forms, hello PowerApps forms

Goodbye paper forms, hello PowerApps forms

Published September 2, 2021

For many years, paper forms have been the standard for managing and collecting information in pretty much every industry. But did you know that paper forms could be holding your business back in a number of ways?

We’ll take you through some of the ways paper forms can create delays that leave your business behind.

Error-prone and time-consuming

It’s no secret that processing handwritten forms can be a nightmare. It can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

Have you ever tried to process a form someone else filled out? How long did it take? Did you feel productive while doing it? These are questions you need to consider to make your procedures more efficient.

Prone to damage

Paper is fragile. Manual documents can be easily damaged, lost, misplaced, or stolen. Unless you have copies, there is no way to get the information back if the files are damaged.

Would you risk losing essential information for your business? Storing information in digital forms is easy and safe.

Slow transmission

Once you’ve completed a paper form, it must be scanned or manually transcribed into a back-office system. That process can take hours, even days, to complete.

It also hampers remote work. To deliver a report, for example, you’d need to return to the office. Those kinds of delays can cost your business valuable time and money.

Limited collaboration

Have you ever tried to collaborate when working with paper documents? Let’s assume that several department heads need to create a shared document. To do this manually, you have to print multiple copies, make all the necessary amendments separately, and finally share the completed version.

When working with paper documents, collaboration is extremely difficult. On the other hand, digital forms allow users to collaborate quickly and easily. Users can also track all the changes made and create customised forms.

Security issues

Unlike digital forms, you cannot encrypt paper forms. Therefore, people can easily pry sensitive data out of them. If personal information and details are leaked, your company could even face a criminal lawsuit.

If you want to keep all of that personal data safe, consider using digital forms. Digital forms encrypt data and safely store them on hard disks or other electronic devices.

Take your workflow a step further with PowerApps

You can minimise user error, create team efficiencies, and improve the overall workflow with Power Apps’ form builder.

Microsoft PowerApps is a market-leading, low-code app solution for developing professional apps and e-forms. With Power Apps, you can quickly transform many manual, paper-based processes into digital, automated smooth sailing.

We can help you explore the enormous potential of PowerApps for your team.

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Published September 2, 2021

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