GDPR and marketing newsletters

GDPR and marketing newsletters

Published February 13, 2018

While the repercussions of the forthcoming GDPR continue to be debated, we believe that possession and storage of individuals’ data is a significant responsibility and feel it right that businesses should be expected to treat data with respect.

Personal data has become a valuable currency for many corporations for promotional and marketing purposes, but it is also attractive to those with malicious intent, and national press has been rife with stories about data hacking and privacy violations.

From the 25th May 2108 the new GDPR regulation will apply to all companies throughout the world that process the personal data of EU citizens, and one of the key aspects of the new law is that it is tightening the rules concerning valid consent for the use of personal data.

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GDPR compliance driven by Office 365

Office 365 is a powerful set of tools that can help businesses become more productive. We created and automated the above “opt-in” system with tools that are standard in Office 365. If you would like to know how, or need help with any other business applications contact us now and we’d be happy to help.

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Published February 13, 2018

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