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Disaster Recovery Case Study – IRS Recruitment

“We simply cannot afford downtime…”

With offices in both Suffolk and North Yorkshire, IRS is a leading recruitment company for local, national and international businesses, specialising in a range of industry sectors such as engineering, oil and gas and construction.

Jem Campling, their Group Services Manager, explains how they first came into contact with React in 2005.  “In truth, we were struggling.  With a team of 20 busy recruitment consultants our IT systems were stretched and our previous IT company was unable to cope with our IT expansion plans.

“We were impressed with the React Computer Partnership approach.  They took the time to understand what we needed as a business, and it was a pain-free process for them to tailor our systems and give us what we needed.”

One early project was to reconfigure the link between their two offices and implement a new broadband system that had a failover facility, so if their broadband line developed a fault, traffic from the problem line is automatically re-routed to a second without downtime.

Disaster Recovery

IRS also needed to have an effective back up and disaster recovery system in place, so we installed a physical server in each of the two separate offices and implemented a disaster recovery solution using virtualisation, whereby one physical server runs multiple virtual servers.  In effect this actually gave them four servers backed-up with specialised software called StoregeCraft.

Within months this system was put the test – a lightning strike caused a total server failure.  “Thankfully due to the second server we were able to keep up and running,” comments Jem, “I’m just so glad we had this disaster recovery system installed.

“We simply cannot afford downtime.  For example we run a temporary payroll with more than 200 payments to process.  Without the second server we would have missed payment deadlines, which would have been disastrous.  The system React installed and support allowed us to continue operations whilst the other server was repaired.”

Measurably better IT support

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