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Digital Working

React Computer Partnership has the experience and technical expertise to become your trusted Digital Working partner, gently guiding you through the transition away from paper-based working.

For many organisations, the transition from traditional paper-based working to “digital working” is fraught with uncertainty. In particular, long established and traditional professions, such as law, finance, healthcare and defence have very real concerns with security and the need to comply with stringent legal and regulatory obligations.

However, the move to digital working has numerous benefits, including significant cost and efficiency savings at every level of an organisation, increased productivity, better collaboration and improved service. Working processes can be streamlined and data security can be improved with new disaster recovery protocols with the means to recover from scenarios such as fire, flood and theft, which are potentially fatal to a paper-based system.

A trusted Digital Working partner

Our expertise goes beyond the technical. We understand both the human and the practical needs of an organisation, and can tailor our services accordingly.

A pain-free transition

The React team will gently guide you through the critical initial period and assist with teething problems. Thereafter we offer comprehensive IT support as required.

Streamline your administration

An intelligently designed document management infrastructure will ensure that the data you need is quick and easy to find, whenever and wherever you need it.

Digital Working does not necessarily require a huge investment in hardware

The technology to support digital working is readily available from suppliers such as Microsoft and DocuWare. The key is to integrate the various components of an IT system to create a user-friendly, robust and secure infrastructure.

Storage and archiving

Secure electronic working replaces the need for vast amounts of paperwork in the system, as well as the expense of extensive storage and archiving of paper files.


We will ensure your system meets any legal and regulatory security obligations required to support digital working, such as installing accredited encryption software an all equipment.

Back ups and disaster recovery

React can implement security protocols inline with the requirements of your industry. All files will be securely backed up supported by effective “disaster recovery” strategies.

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Step away from paper and experience the benefits of Digital Working

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