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saving time

Seven ways software can reduce your workload and save you time

In the modern workplace there never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete all those important tasks. And if you don’t have your business systems configured correctly, the problem is exacerbated. According to a report into UK productivity published last year, 57% of office workers spend a staggering hour a day looking for      …Continue Reading »

Power BI

The true value of data | Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI truly offers business intelligence and is a very powerful tool for the modern business. The computer systems within your business will inevitably hold large amounts of data built up over time, and there are sure to be all sorts of valuable insights and information contained within it. But unless you are able      …Continue Reading »

business solutions

Three reasons why we believe in Intelligent Technology… and use it in our own business

We don’t just recommend technology to our customers, we use it ourselves within our own business. We believe this is the most effective approach to refining how best to set up and integrate work-based software. Tailored to the needs of the business We have used this methodology to develop our Intelligent Technology service, which is      …Continue Reading »


Would your business benefit from a VLAN?

Increasingly, businesses we work with are adopting a virtual local area network (VLAN) to improve the speed of their networks and to boost security. A VLAN uses software to manage the data traffic on a network and to prioritise one set of data over another. Prioritise traffic on your network An analogy I find helpful      …Continue Reading »

How the right use of information technology can facilitate top class customer service

How the right use of Information Technology can facilitate top class customer service

We have recently posted a number of blogs about our new service called Intelligent Technology and how the right use of information technology can help businesses improve productivity and profitability. That is because it really can make a difference. We see this on a daily basis through the use of our own systems and feel      …Continue Reading »