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Keep safe from viruses

A new way to keep your business safe from viruses

Our recent agreement with Panda Security should help React customers sleep easier at night… As the recent outbreaks of damaging malware such as WannaCry have shown, computer viruses are becoming increasingly common and the damage they can cause far more severe. We are aware that we need to do all we can to keep our      …Continue Reading »


Why it’s crucial your employees are cyber-aware and well-trained

You only have to conduct a quick search of the internet to find plenty of evidence about why it’s crucial employees are aware of the cyber threats out there. Human error the most common cause of a security breach Having staff who are well-informed about cyber security and who act accordingly can be the difference      …Continue Reading »

Spear phishing

The danger of spear phishing and how to protect your business from it

A rise in spear phishing attacks means businesses need to be aware of the potential threats facing them. Such is the ever-changing nature of the cyber security landscape that new types of threats are evolving all the time. Some of these threats may involve clever technology while others demonstrate a growing sophistication in the way criminals      …Continue Reading »


Our advice regarding the current “WannaCry” Cyber-attacks

The virus behind the current wave of cyber-attacks is called WannaCry, a piece of ransomware that encrypts your systems and demands money in return for the “key” to unlock the encryption. Without the key your only option is to pay the ransom or restore your files from a backup. However, even if you do pay      …Continue Reading »

Watch out for CEO spam

Watch out for CEO spam

Because we are in contact with a lot businesses and speak to companies about their IT security on a daily basis, we are able to pick up on new trends quickly. One threat we are seeing more of is so-called CEO Spam, a sophisticated fraud that has resulted in firms losing hundreds of thousands, even      …Continue Reading »