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If you care enough to call our IT support team, then we care enough to resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our CARE initiative underpins our IT Support Services, and specifically to the way we respond to every service call. All staff at React are empowered to take the necessary action to get an issue resolved and you will never have to wait for someone to get approval. Our simple and absolute priority is resolving any issues you may have with your IT.

Industry Best practice

We have adopted the ITIL approach to IT service management, which is a widely accepted “best practice” that advocates the alignment of IT services with the business needs of organisation.

We also record and measure our performance for every customer support call, and any issue that is not resolved within a specific time frame is automatically brought to the attention of one the company directors.

We review our performance every month and any calls that fall outside the response time are reviewed so that we may refine our performance. During the last 12 months we are pleased to report that 98% of calls to React have been cleared within the agreed response time.

of support calls completed within agreed response times

of all support calls were closed within an hour

of support calls where a customer had to chase us for an update

The four elements of CARE:


You will be treated in a professional and courteous manner


There will always be someone available to answer your call and take the necessary action


Our support technician will aim to provide you with a solution within a specific target time, using all available resources


We will make full use of all the products, services and technical expertise that we have at our disposal to provide you with the most cost effective solution

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