Can’t hit your deadlines? Read this…

Can’t hit your deadlines? Read this…

Published May 26, 2021

Many people feel a lot of professional anxiety when it comes to meeting deadlines. In fact, 38% of working adults see deadlines as the most significant source of their professional anxiety.

While some people thrive under pressure, many of us struggle with the mere thought of an impending deadline. But it’s important to know that you’re not lazy, and it has nothing to do with your work ethic.

In fact, interestingly enough, people who have the world-famous Type A personality, full of being incredibly organised, find time management and deadlines the most anxiety-inducing.

Since we now know that deadlines affect many people, let’s discuss how to relieve the anxiety with some of the features in Office 365.

Prioritise Tasks

We’ve all curated a perfect “to do” list, set with specific dates and times, and maybe even colour coated. But when an urgent task walks in, our list and timeline go out the window.

Office 365 allows you to structure which tasks require urgency or which ones can wait a few days without you forgetting they exist entirely.

Strategise when you see deadlines

Once you’ve set your deadlines, you can update your settings to make them visible only when they need to be. They won’t be lingering over your head if they’re a month out, and your quick one-off tasks can be moved to the front of the queue.

For some people, seeing the looming deadline can be really draining, even if the task will only take them a couple of minutes.

Collaborative deadlines

Whether you’re working on a collaboration, someone is on annual leave, or someone fell ill, you can share your tasks and deadlines with your team and managers.

Since your whole team will know what projects are on the horizon, no one will let any tasks slip through the cracks.

This also allows managers to check on their team to ensure they’re feeling comfortable with their capacity, workload, and deadlines.

Don’t sweat the count down

Hopefully, knowing you’re not alone when it comes to your deadline anxiety can be comforting.

We also hope knowing all the beneficial ways Office 365 can support your capacity and deadlines reduces some of your fears around the clock ticking down until your next deadline.

Struggling to hit your deadlines? We can help you make the switch to Office365, so you never need to worry again.

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Published May 26, 2021

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