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Business cyber security services

We help businesses to stay safe from cyber crime

Protecting your organisation’s digital assets has never been more important. The consequences of a serious data breach can be fatal for a business, and the risks presented by cyber-attacks, scams and hacking are growing. Traditional defence mechanisms, such as firewalls and anti-virus software can no longer be relied upon in isolation. Organisations need more robust and effective cyber security strategies to ensure protection of valuable digital assets.

Managing the IT security needs of your business

We firmly believe in a holistic approach to cyber security. Our team of skilled cyber security professionals have proven expertise at identifying cyber security vulnerabilities and improving the resilience of a company-wide infrastructure. We provide best-in-class protection, incident response and disaster recovery strategies.

Staff guidelines and procedures

The most common vulnerability within organisations is its employees, and an associated lack of effective cyber-security training and awareness. Many risks can be mitigated by ensuring that everyone in the firm is alert and up to date.

Compliance with statutory requirements

Many organisations face growing pressure to demonstrate compliance with statutory requirements and adherence to industry security regulations, particularly in more sensitive fields such as law and defence. We help businesses to ensure (and demonstrate) that their IT security systems are in line with industry requirements.

Ones to watch out for:

CEO spam

Also known as Whaling or Spear Phishing, CEO spam is a sophisticated fraud that has cost UK businesess hundreds of thousands, even millions, of pounds. The fraud takes the form of apparently genuine emails from the CEO or other senior executive to an accounts person, asking them to make a payment to a certain account and telling them it is urgent.


Ransomware infections have the potential to cripple a business almost instantly. They take the form of malicious software that encrypts data, only unlocking it in exchange for payment or ransom. Without effective off-line backups and disaster recovery procedures in place you will almost certainly lose data, and you can’t rely on the hacker to give you the encryption code even if you do pay up.

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Human error is the single most common cause of an IT security breach. While malware and computer viruses remain an everyday threat, well-informed staff can be the difference in keeping your business safe from exposure to dangerous malware and even financial loss.Don’t take chances, download our free cyber security office poster now…

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