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About us

Based near Ipswich, React is a true “family business”, founded in 1997 and run by three brothers; Francis, Richard and Alan, with valuable support from Office Manager (and sister) Penny and a team of highly skilled IT professionals.

Our philosophy as a business is influenced significantly by our father’s simple but oft-used mantra of “either do it properly, or don’t do it”.  As a result, the React Computer Partnership has been built upon a solid foundation of knowledge, and not guess work.  Computer systems are a critical business tool, and IT is simply too important to adopt a “give it a go” type attitude.

We’ve established a proud reputation for providing businesses across the East of England with first quality service, from IT hardware and software installation through to comprehensive support.

“Step one to achieving the best results is to recognise that IT is a business asset, not merely a cost or an inconvenience.”

A professional partner to your business

We take great pride in what we do, and consider IT to be a professional business support service, perhaps even more valuable and important than those other essential business service providers, such as accountants and solicitors.

No sales people, just people

Our clients like our open and straightforward approach, with transparent pricing, and a single point of contact for all of your enquiries. We don’t indulge in “techie speak” either, our customers prefer plain English, and so do we.

Time is money

As a business owner or manager, it is likely that your staff are one of your biggest costs and probably one of your best assets. Effective IT systems make staff more productive, able to get on with the job at hand quickly and efficiently, while reducing the scope for human error such as things being overlooked, misunderstood or simply forgotten.

We work with many types of business to ensure they have a reliable and efficient IT system that will increase their productivity and speed the flow of work around the office, shop floor or warehouse.

Time to streamline your business IT?

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