A guide to the Microsoft Teams Phone tool

A guide to the Microsoft Teams Phone tool

Published April 21, 2022

If you’ve ever considered switching from an outdated phone system for your business, Microsoft Teams now has an application called Teams Phone. This allows all employees and members to channel their telephone calls directly through Microsoft Teams.

So how exactly does Microsoft Teams Phone work, and what are the benefits? Below you’ll find all the information you need so you can make an educated decision for your company.

How does Teams Phone work?

Teams Phone is a Microsoft365 addon that allows you to make calls from one Teams App to another. It’s also possible to make calls on landlines and mobile phones on the public switch telephone network (PSTN) with the addition of a calling plan.

This means that you have no need for traditional PBXs, meaning your business can make calls on a cloud-based control system by simply extending your current Microsoft 365 licence.

guide to Microsoft teams phone

What phones are supported by Teams Phone?

There are currently plenty of devices on the market that can support Teams Phone. Desk phones, conference phones and meeting room systems are just some of the devices that are compatible with Teams Phone at the time of writing.

It’s also possible to transfer your current phone numbers over from your existing provider once you’ve made the switch to Microsoft Teams Phone.

Your Microsoft 365 licence allows you to install it on multiple devices so this means that Teams Phone lets you take calls on your Desk phone, your PC, tablet or mobile so you can stay in contact quickly and simply wherever you are.

What monthly subscriptions are on offer?

Currently, Microsoft has two monthly plans for businesses to use in conjunction with Teams Phone. However, there’s also scope for a custom pricing plan, should you want to tailor it to your business’s communication requirements.

Calling Plan

This costs £11.30 per user per month and gives each user a domestic calling plan of 1200 minutes a month. It’s a cloud-based calling system with advanced features like call transfer, call queues and multilevel auto attendants.

If International calls are required these can be added by user making it a cost-effective solution.

This plan is ideal for SME businesses looking for a more integrated and modern phone system.

Microsoft 365 E5

Microsoft 365 E5 is an all-encompassing plan that provides all the features from the entire platform, not just Teams Phone. This offer users the best-in-class Enterprise solution at a highly competitive rate.

This plan is £48.10 per user per month and The Teams Phone included works as a cloud-based system with PBX capabilities such as call control. It also has an audio-conferencing system that allows up to 300 attendees to dial into meetings from their phones.

Microsoft 365 E5 also offers advanced security, analytics and Windows 11 Enterprise for its customers.

This plan is perfect for bigger businesses with a larger number of employees who want to optimise their calling options. It’s also ideal for companies with remote employees or employees that are working in different countries.

Using Microsoft Teams Phone for your business

Microsoft Teams Phone can improve and streamline the way businesses and employees communicate. Investing in a Teams Phone plan makes sense for companies who want to stay connected, whilst operating innovative AI and integrated calling partner solutions.

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Published April 21, 2022

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