Why do tasks get missed?

Why do tasks get missed?

Published June 9, 2021

There’s not much worse than putting a task on the back burner and forgetting about it entirely until the deadline comes around.

While we’re all human, and mistakes happen to everyone, missing a task gives us all the worst sinking feeling.

If you know what to keep your eyes out for when it comes to missing tasks, then you and your team can manage your workload a bit more thoroughly.

Someone is on holiday

There is no worse time for tasks slipping through the cracks than someone on annual leave. With someone in the office covering two workloads, and maybe a not so perfect handover document left behind, it’s no wonder why a task or two might have been neglected.

On top of that, when returning from holiday suntanned and relaxed, your inbox is overflowing. It might feel a bit overwhelming to manage it all.

Someone fell ill

When someone goes on annual leave, your team has a bit more time to prepare to cover the workload. However, when someone suddenly falls ill, capacity can be stretched incredibly thin. It’s no wonder this is another common reason tasks are missed.

The urgent task took priority

We’ve all had a perfectly curated task list to get through when all of a sudden, a colleague contacts you with an urgent task that they need by the end of the day.

Your task list goes out the window, and those little tasks that were due at the end of the week are pushed to the bottom until it’s Friday morning and you’ve realised you had forgotten then.

Wasn’t aware it was their responsibility

Chalk it up to annual leave, sick days, or every day miscommunication. Sometimes we don’t realise the task was left for us to complete. Every office has experienced this at least once.

Didn’t have the info they needed

When it comes to delegating tasks, providing clear instructions and all the information needed is a skill unto itself for project managers.

Office 365 allows teams to instantly access documents so the whole team has what they need to smash their project without waiting for a response.

How to prevent missed tasks

While missing tasks is normal for every team, you still want to prevent it as much as possible. The best way to avoid forgetting a task is to implement Office 365 for your team.

With Office 365, your team can collaborate on projects together and automate workflows. Team managers can oversee the workload and delegate upcoming tasks when people are out of the office or struggling with capacity.

Neglecting tasks and missing deadlines are a thing of the past.

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Published June 9, 2021

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