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DocuWare Case Study – Tex Engineering

“Anyone in the building can ask me for something and I can have it for them in minutes”

Tex Engineering is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment for the highways and utilities industries. Established 40 years ago, the Ipswich-based company produces a range of products from trailers and road marking equipment to asphalt mixers and meter enclosures for international and national retailers, councils, commercial businesses and private users.

React Computer Partnership has supplied Tex Engineering since 2000 and recently oversaw a project to reduce paperwork at its head office and automate as many procedures as possible. Key to this was integrating parts of the Tex’s Pegasus Opera business management system with document management solution DocuWare.

Improvements in a number of areas…

Tex Engineering office manager Wendie Hales said: “There have been improvements in a number of areas. It used to be very time consuming to get details of orders shipped and compare these to invoices raised. We could spend up to half an hour a day writing details of dispatch orders.

“React have introduced a programme where we can simply run off a weekly or daily dispatch list while a list of invoices is also available automatically. In addition, invoices now get filed automatically and delivery notes relating to the invoice are posted directly to the same package in DocuWare.

“It’s much quicker and more efficient than before”

Wendie added: “All invoices get filed by the date, the customer name and our customer reference number, so if I want to find something and I only know some of the details the information can still be easily retrieved. Additional comments can be pinned to the order so we have all the information about a particular order in one place. This can then be attached to an e-mail and sent to whoever has requested the information.

“The system is certainly helpful if someone requests details of an invoice from a while back, say, last year. Previously, I would have had to go to the cupboard where we keep older paperwork. It was not unusual to find that someone had moved it – it could get time-consuming. At the moment only the sales side of the operation has been automated and people have been impressed. Anyone in the building can ask me for something and I can have it for them in minutes – it’s much quicker and more efficient than before.  Based on this success, the next phase is to transfer the purchasing side of the operation across to DocuWare.”

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